Decentralized Booking Engine
Runs in the BlockChain

The simplest hotel booking engine can be embedded to any html web site in seconds.

no commission | upto %40 discounts | no credit card

raised by amazing private investors

64% of $50,000 goal (Soft CAP)
16% of $200,000 goal (Hard CAP)

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HotEngine Coin is the cryptocurrency that runs in the blockchain. Automated "smart contrats" that trigers to guarantee your reservation and payments.

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Why Use HotEngine ?

Hotels in Blocks

We are building a dedicated hotel booking engine that is using decentrilezed blockchain technology. HEC is the simplest booking engine that runs in the blockchain based on the Ethereum VM, no coding required, just add your HEC wallet and you are good to go..

No Commission

Decentralized blockchain technology does not need a middleman that takes a commision of your payment, our booking engine runs using the Ethereum app platform which is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference

Upto %40 discounted hotels

Legacy hotel booking agencies gets %10-35 commissions, offline booking agencies gets upto %70 discounts but can not publish the price online. Even Hotel web site can not publish a discounted price because of the "best price guarantee" rule but not anymore because our booking engine has its own cryptocurrency and is able to publish the price via hotels web site or any associated partner as an alternative payment option.

No Credit Card Required

When you book a room via any booking agency or hotel, they ask you all your credit card details including CVC/CVV which is a security flaw which should't be legal. With HEC you won't have to use your credit card again for booking a room. Blockchain is the most secure way to pay.

Industry Problems

Hospitality industry is one of the world’s largest industries, The retail value of the global hotel industry was 554.64 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. With the rise of the blockchain technology we have some solutions for the industry problems.

  • Credit card details are at high risk
  • Commissions are very high
  • Hotel Prices are controled by central agencies
  • Cancellation and Refunding takes days
  • Current Booking engines are outdated

Solutions and Benefits

With our Hotel Management Tool, any hotel will be able to create their hotels or rooms embed code to be able to paste it to their web site. Any Hotel booking agency will be able to get hotels data to sell the hotels and with its unique Affiliate white label solution anyone will be able to open a hotel agency in seconds and sell hotels to share some profit.

Our embed code is just plain html code so anyone can add a room to any web site. Our Social tools will also help you to embed it to facebook, wordpress or other html excepted platforms.

Open Source - Copy/Paste

HotEngine's seemless integration will be the simplest integration ever. You will just copy & paste the code to your web site and receive reservations for your hotel

Upto %40 discounts on hotels

Because of the commisions to the agencies, hotel rooms are more expensive than usual but with HEC using the blockchain all hotels will be able to add the discounted prices to their web sites because they wont pay any commissions to any agency or legacy booking engines.

Secure and instant payment

HEC using the blockchain technology has the perfect environment for instant, private and most secure payment ever. No need to wait months to receive your payment or paying commissions to the banks. Customers wont have to give credit card details to any agency or hotel anymore.

Rewards and Bonus

100% Private HEC Bonus:


Private Early Bird Bonus : HEC

Private May 2018


If you join the ICO between 1 May - 31 May You will get an extra 70% coins you invested in HEC.
Minimum buy 0.2 ETH
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50%Hurry Up Bonus: HEC

Private June 2018


If you join the ICO between 1 June - 30 June You will get an extra 50% coins you invested in HEC.
Minimum buy 0.2 ETH
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30%Last Warning Bonus: HEC

Private July 2018


If you join the ICO between 1 July - 30 July You will get an extra 30% coins you invested in HEC.
Minimum buy 0.2 ETH
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Production Timeline

February 2018

Development Started

ICO web site, HotEngine's decentralized booking engine - based on the Ethereum VM (ERC20), and prototype demo application development started.
March 2018

1st Generation Prototype

HEC Blockchain and smart contrats prototype private release, blockchain and smart contracts technology integration throughout the platform. Development for Android and iOS apps starts.
April 2018

2nd Generation Prototype

HotEngine application demo will be ready to public tests and First Hotels and Agencies will be connected to HotEngine (10 supportive partner hotels already included. The Hotels will be listed here later) Offer API integration to local third-party service providers.
May 2018

Private ICO Starts

First ICO round starts with %70 earlybird discounts.
June 2018

2nd ICO round starts

Second ICO round - HEC Offering starts with %50 discounts.
July 2018

Final ICO round starts

Third ICO round starts with %30 discounts.
September 2018

Listing on Crypto Exchanges

Listing of HEC (HotEngine Coin) tokens on crypto exchanges.
Q4 2018

Hotels and Partnership Integration

100 Hotels and 2 hotel booking agency integration.
Q1 2019

Legal framework for market expansion

* Business terms of service * Consumer terms of service * Global launch * Fast expansion * Concentrate on service quality and promotion
Q2 2019

Open-source software, API for 3rd parties and Marketing strategy Open-source software

• Core microservices as open-source software Open API for 3rd parties • API to connect with 3rd party services and business services Marketing strategy • Global and country based marketing strategy • Finalise product offering • Prepare marketing materials

Use Of Tokens

Token Allocation

Use Of Funds

Token Details

Core Team

Kazım Akgül

Kazım Akgül is an entrepreneur and he has passion about building projects that keep his mind calm. He is founder and CEO of HotEngine project. The most important thing about him is he does follow the future tech and he uses the latest tech in his projects. He works on decentralization and blockchain development recently. Founder of, also co-founded and GeyikApp

Nimet Kurt

Project Manager and Coordinator
Nimet Kurt is Project Manager and Press Release Coordinator of HotEngine project. She has 7 years of experience about software project management in retail industry. Also, she is a computer scientist.

Ahmet Akın Kök

CTO and founder of CodingPanda games. Co-founder Akın’s career spans over almost 10 years of hard working in top internet companies of Turkey and Switzerland including of Turkey.

Levent Uslu

Business Development
Levent Uslu is Cryto Exchange and E-Commerce Director of HotEngine project. He has over 7 years of experience in digital marketing and e-commerce.

Serdar Akarca

Smart Contracts Developer
A full stack software developer and computer scientist. Recently working on Blockchain and smart contacts. He is experienced at developing web pages & services using Python, Django, Java Play Framework, Node.js and many other open source tools. He is also developing mobile apps & games using swift, java and lua.

Enes Yılmaz

Blockchain Developer
Enes Yılmaz is a software engineer and blockchain developer of HotEngine project. He is also a computer sciencetist and a focus driven coder. His expertise area contains telecommunications and banking industry development about 10 years.

Ergin Yavaş

Frontend Developer
Ergin Yavaş is Graphics Designer of HotEngine project. He is multitalented graphic designer with more than 7 years of experience. His designs are useful, clean and inspiring.

Advisors & Supporters

Mustafa Acet

Mustafa Acet has been closely interested in web technologies since 1998. During his university studies he founded Circus Interactive, a digital agency which has won Golden Spider - Marketing and Communication category 1st prize in 2007. He founded the e-commerce site, which started broadcasting in March 2007 under the name of, was invested by the founding partners of in 2010 than he founded and and won Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) in 2011 and represented Turkey in Entrepreneurs' Organization in New York. He is running his startup in Turkey now.

Timur Tandoğar

Timur Tandoğar is the general manager of Malzemem Yapı A.Ş. He is also the co-founder and CEO of which has reached a valuation of $50M with its recent investments round in 2015. Evidea is Turkey's leading and the largest furniture and home decoration products ecommerce website since 2008.

Suat Akgül

Suat Akgül is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO and Managing Director) at The Faros Group. He is also one of the first investors in HotEngine project. His vision about accommodation sector is leading us to build the project for the need of the hoteliers and customers both.

Ali Seyhun

Ali Seyhun, embarked on his career as a computer scientist and having acquired enough expertise in the field. Than he jumped into investment/entrepreneurship. Blending his knowledge in technology with his job, he achieved to become the owner of Great Fortune hotel chains and one of the biggest health tourism companies of Turkey . He takes no days off and always open-minded to new ideas

Yunus Aydın

Yunus Aydın is a crypto mining specialist. He has been working on cryptocurrency mining/production since 2011. He also works on projects about building mining farms for 4 years and he already completed some projects which are between $50K - $500K budget in Turkey.

Selçuk Gündoğdu

Selçuk Gündoğdu is a specialist at SEM and SEO and he is also a visionary entrepreneur and investor. Founder Of GLOBALTECH at Globaltech BTM, Computer & System Engineers at Microsoft, Founder & CEO at Global Haber Ajansı. Past: National Computer Services and Koç University

Uğur Sevgili

Legal Advisor
Uğur Sevgili is an Attorney at Law currently practicing in Istanbul/Turkey. Prior to establishing his own law office(USHUKUK) he worked for an international organization in the Netherlands. He also holds Master of Laws (LL.M) degree from Germany on EU & International Law. Throughout his career of more than 10 years he has provided legal consultancy to local and international clients in various sectors including transportation, pharmaceuticals, media, and textile industries with respect to all regulatory matters and has participated in large-scale public tenders.

Başar Hol

Basar HOL, Tourism & Accomodation specialist has experience more than 15 years in Turkish Tourism, also entrepreneur and investor in the business. Throughout his career organised lots of inbound & outbound organisations, still has projects and investments in Turkey and the Nerherlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hoteliers and owners can rent easily their properties to people located anywhere in the world and they collect their money and manage their bookings without any commission.
You can send us an e-mail: We will let you now when ICO starts so you can buy HEC with bonus.
If they want to convert the HEC to fiat in exchange site, then they will get their money via the banks or we convert the HEC to fiat and they will get it from us to their local banks. Their decision will be entirely up to them.
We already have 10 hotel partners for development phase, as long as we have the HotEngine Beta app. We will start integrate at least 100 more until Q4 in 2018.
Because, HEC using the blockchain technology which has the perfect environment for instant, private and most secure payment ever. No need to wait days or weeks to receive your payment and no need to pay commisions to middleman anymore. Customers won’t have to give credit card details to any agency or hotel anymore.
Yes, there are %70 reward in May 2018, %50 reward in June 2018 and %30 reward in July 2018.